DALI Lab Member Application
If you are interested in working in the DALI Lab, apply here! This is a two-step process – the first one is the follow short application form. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with instructions for the second step when we ask for a few design and/or dev samples as well as a short and fun dev/design challenge — make sure to give yourself enough time to complete the challenges!

Please email applications@dali.dartmouth.edu if you have any questions along the way.
First, we'll need to know a little bit of basic information about you.

Your Name *

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If grad student, specify MA/MS or PhD
Please list your major(s) and/or minor(s). *

How did you hear about DALI?

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D-Plan – please list the terms you will be on campus in the coming year. *

If you aren't able to work next term, please consider waiting to apply until the term before you are able to work.

Coming up are a few questions about what you expect out of DALI and what we can expect from you!

Why do you want to work in the DALI lab?  What skills, experiences or opportunities do you want to get out of being part of the lab? *

List any relevant experience to the work you envision doing in the lab? *

We'd love to hear about projects, internships, classes, and things you've been excited about. If you feel that you don't have enough relevant experience, we do have an apprentice program to help you build your technical chops. We encourage you to apply regardless of skill level.
Which team role/roles do you potentially see yourself in? *

This is not binding in any way, roles are flexible, and select multiple if you are interested.

The responsibilities of a project manager are in addition to your role as a developer and/or designer. A PM's tasks include leading team meetings, communicating with the project partner, and aligning your team with their milestones.

Provide the name, email, and relationship to you of at least one person who can serve as a professional reference for you. *

This can be a professor, boss, classmate, team captain... anyone who can speak to your ability to work well in a group and complete the projects you begin. If you know anybody in the DALI Lab mention that too!
How involved are you in other extracurricular activities this term? *

Please list your other extracurricular activities and how many hours you plan to devote to them each week.
Given your class load and extracurriculars, how many hours per week will you be able to contribute to DALI? *

(numerical values only)
We also want to learn a little bit about you, how you think, and what excites you.

What’s something that you’ve made and what did you love about it? Where did you stumble? *

Feel free to talk about separate experiences.
Describe a collaborative experience that you’ve had. What did you like about it and what could have been improved to make it more awesome? *

Any comments?

Thank you for applying to the DALI Lab!  You will receive an email from us shortly about required supplemental design and code samples.