Please fill out this form to give us a sense of your project, your goals, what deliverables and what timeframe your project requires.
Project Name *

Key Personnel *

List the names and contact info for all key personnel.  Please list the primary contact first.
Project Summary/Description *

Give us a general overview of the project, focussing on components that the DALI Lab will contribute to or build upon. 1-2 paragraphs.
Project Specifics

What is the impact you hope to have with this project? *

Briefly describe the goals of the project in terms of its impact.
Who will use the project? *

Please list the main stakeholders/users for your project, if you know who they are.
What specific deliverables are you hoping for from your work with the DALI Lab? *

A website? An iOS or Android App? Exploration of some new technology? Just Discovery phase work where we work with you to define the deliverables?
What feeling do you want people to have when they first open your site/app/tool?

Delight? Serious? Happy? Curious?
Is there some previous work it would be helpful for us to see?  Colors you want us to use?  An existing site/product we need to match or integrate with?


Do you have funding for this project? If so, please list the source and amount, if possible.

How involved would you like to be in the project if DALI were to work on it? Partner involvement differs from project to project. At the minimum, partners are involved in large product decisions, but could also be daily contributors. How do you envision your participation in the project?
Future Work

What are your long term goals for this project? Given that DALI builds you a successful prototype, what would your next steps be?

Why do you think DALI is a good partner for you in doing this work? *

How did you hear about DALI? Why do you want to work with us on this? Is there a design and a development piece to your project?  Is there an interesting challenge?
How do you see this project fitting with the educational mission of the college/lab? *

Briefly describe the fit between your project (the content and work being asked for) and Dartmouth's liberal arts educational mission.
How did you learn about the DALI Lab?

Background Information

Do you have all the data/information/content needed for us to do this work? If not, what more is needed and what is the timeframe/method for getting it? *

Are there similar sites/apps/tools?  Can you point us to them? *

Please list the URL or point us to a site/app/tool that you really like, even if the content is different.

We'd like to get a feeling for what you like in other sites.
Additional Information

Do you have any upcoming deadlines or presentations that put a time pressure on this project?

Briefly, describe the deadline and what you hope we can provide for that.
Do you have a hard-stop deadline for the DALI Lab's portion of this project? If yes please list it.

Is there anything else you think we should know before starting this project?

Thank you for submitting your project proposal!  We operate on a termly basis and will be in touch before the start of next term to discuss your project.
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